The human brain is so much more than a three-pound block of grey matter. It controls all our life functions, conscious and unconscious. It encapsulates all our memories, emotions, creativity, and morals. There are only a few things in our body that are not governed by our brains.

The brain is made up of a cerebrum, cerebellum, and brainstem. Within that, it is further divided into two hemispheres and several lobes. The cerebrum handles basic senses like touch, vision, and hearing, as well as more complicated functions like speech, reasoning, and emotion. The cerebellum is responsible for movement, posture, and balance. The brainstem helps with unconscious functions like breathing, heart rate, sleep cycles, and swallowing.

Within the main part of the brain, the cerebrum, there are natural fissures. These fissures are called lobes, and each serves a specific function but do not work on their own. For example, the frontal lobe handles personality, behavior, and emotion; this cannot work without the parietal lobe. The parietal lobe interprets language as well as visual and audible senses. Without a lobe to interpret what we see and hear, we cannot for react to stimulus.


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