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Our Mission

Facty demystifies what’s going on in your body, so you can feel confident talking to your doctor and making the best-informed decisions about your health.

Our Story

Having Dr. Google on call at all times is convenient, but wading through health information online can be exhausting, especially when you’ve got a pressing health concern on your mind. How do you separate the good information from the bad and the impossible-to-understand from the too-weird-to-be-true?

Our Story

Here’s the good news: At Facty, we do the heavy lifting for you. We’ve created a go-to source for health and wellness information, vetted by medical experts and tailored to your biggest health concerns. You won’t find any jargon, complicated explanations or pseudo-science here — just the facts, plus premium tools to help you find fast answers to your important health questions. It’s our mission to take the mystery out of what’s going on in your body, so you can feel confident talking to your doctor and making decisions about the most important aspect of your life — your health.

Every month, over 25 million people turn to Facty as a source for all-things-health, from the latest medical research to lifestyle tips they can actually rely on.

Meet the Experts

With a dedicated team of over 75, including writers, editors, and medical experts, we’re committed to bringing you the most comprehensive, up-to-date health information you can rely on.

Kristie Leong, MD
Dr. Leong is a family physician passionate about all things related to health. For the past twelve years, she has crafted e-books, articles, and blog posts for clients who want factual and engaging health content.
Jennifer Trimbee, RN, RN
Jennifer Trimbee, RN specializes in pediatrics and has worked in many areas, from pediatric intensive care to private duty nursing. In addition to continuing to practice nursing, for the last three years, she has put her English degree to use as a medical writer.

Health & Wellness Writers

Bella Alvarez
Dianne Dixon
Jeanna Smiley
Glenda Taylor
Jennifer Trimbee, RN, RN
Mollie Walker

Our Policies

We’re committed to providing you with accurate, up-to-date, and unbiased information, so you can feel confident talking to your doctor and making the best-informed decisions about your health. Every article we publish reflects our principles and editorial standards.

We work with the best. With a team of expert writers, editors, and accredited medical professionals, you can trust Facty for the answers to your important health questions. Our writers are selected for their background knowledge and skill in presenting health information in a clear, intelligent manner that is easy to absorb and understand. Accredited medical experts are recruited from around the web to join our medical review team responsible for writing and verifying our content.

We adhere to a strict editorial process. Topics are heavily researched prior to being written and only reference the latest medical journals and contemporary news publications. Any article displaying a “fact-checked” badge has been vetted by a member of our medical team. Our editors work around the clock to promptly identify and correct factual, syntax, and bias errors and routinely update articles according to the latest medical findings. Learn more about our editorial process and standards here.

Your Trusted Health Source

Sherm R.
“Informative information that is easily understood. The information describes symptoms and recommends action that people with symptoms should take”
Deborah H.
“I like it that is easy to read and to the point, so far the information I’ve read has helped to alleviate my concerns. Thank you.”
Donna A.
“Very informative about fenugreek, I'm going to research it further and it looks like it will be added to my diet thank you for the information”

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