Our Mission

We seek to fill the need for easily accessible and reliable health information online. Facty demystifies what’s going on in your body, so you can feel confident talking to your doctor and making the best-informed decisions about your health. Every article we publish reflects our principles and editorial standards.

Ethics Policy

Our Ethics Policy defines our commitment to acting with integrity in all aspects of our business. Every staff member and contractor for Assembly Digital Ltd. is obligated to adhere to this policy. We operate in compliance with applicable government laws, rules and regulations, including but not limited to the CAN-SPAM Act. We uphold the points outlined in our Privacy Policy.

Fact-Checking Policy

We ensure that our writers thoroughly research the topic beforehand and reference only approved medical journals and contemporary news publications. Any article marked with a “fact-checked” button has been further reviewed and updated by a member of our medical team. We recruit medical experts with verified accreditation from around the web to write for and fact-check articles.

Corrections Policy

In addition to incorporating the changes highlighted by our subject matter experts, our editors are dedicated to promptly identifying and correcting factual, syntax, and bias errors. When mistakes are made they must be corrected quickly and transparently. We hold our staff accountable by internally tracking all articles revisions.

Ownership & Funding

Facty is a health brand owned by Assembly Digital Ltd. and is funded by advertising revenue. However, our content is selected and published by our editors, independently of advertiser input. We publish what we believe will be beneficial, based on current trends, reader inquiries, and emerging health concerns that affect the general public.

Our Publication Process

We only publish articles after a thorough review by our editors and medical team, ensuring the information is of the highest standard. Though some articles will get revised and updated after publishing, most of them follow this process:

  1. Health writers research the topic thoroughly and submit the article (along with all referenced sources) to our editors.
  2. Editors proofread for things like consistency, grammar, and style.
  3. The article goes to a health professional for fact-checking and approval.
  4. The editor confirms these changes and refines again before publishing.

How We Curate Our Editorial Team

At Facty we vet our writers to make sure they can present health information in a clear, intelligent manner that is easy to absorb and understand. We prioritize submissions from writers with medical backgrounds.

Our Sources

We learn from the best to bring you the best, studying information from leading websites including, but not limited to, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Mayo Clinic, National Health Services, and the National Institute of Health.

Staying Current

We deliver up-to-date content on the latest health concerns, natural wellness breakthroughs, and trends. Part of our initiative on staying current includes curating a newsletter to help subscribers stay informed. We are always working to update our articles with the latest research and most relevant facts.

Empathy Always

We are here to provide relevant information about your health, not to make you feel bad about yourself. Our policy, always, is people-first, not disability-first. Come to us to learn about the things that concern you, or to expand your knowledge on health topics in general. We want to empower, not embarrass, you!

Your Feedback is Welcome

Have a suggestion for how we can make our content better or more up-to-date? Do you know about a new study that renders some of our existing information inaccurate? Let us know! Reach out through our contact form with as much information as possible, and we will review your recommendation. Thank you for helping us be better.