Even though the most basic meaning of arthritis is used to describe the inflammation of joints, this expression is a synonym for over two hundred joint-related conditions and complications. Arthritis is caused by a number of genetic and environmental factors, ranging from temperature change to a lack of bone quality. Almost 53 million people seek aid with treating arthritis every single year, which is a number that increases on a 5-year basis. This condition mostly appears in those older than sixty-five, while even children can suffer from it as well. Arthritis is known to cause swelling, pain, and stiffness of the joint, making various physical actions almost impossible.   Arthritis can be partially remedied by numerous pain relieving methods, but it can never be fully rooted out. As sufferers get older, their condition will only become worse, and the only possible treatment for this particular complication is joint replacement surgery. Other types of treatment involve anti-inflammatory medication, massages, painkillers, various injury-treating gels and certain psychoactive substances (THC). In extremely rare cases where the pain is too severe, morphine can be applied as a temporary solution.


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