Hormones are the mail carriers of your body. They make sure that every part gets the important messages it needs to function. Hormones are responsible for regulating digestion, metabolism, sleep, growth, and reproduction. Without them, your body would not be able to perform basic tasks. Estrogen, Progesterone, and Testosterone all have unique functions. These hormones need to be in balance for your body to function.
There are periods in your life when a hormonal imbalance is natural. For example, the changes you go through in puberty are brought on by a spike in hormone levels. This spike is natural and necessary for growth. However, prolonged periods of hormone imbalance might be a cause for concern. This is because hormone imbalances can result in an array of problems. Conditions like insomnia, low mood, low libido, and indigestion are just a few examples. One of the most effective ways to maintain a healthy balance is with diet and exercise. 

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