Damaged adrenal glands cause Addison's disease. With the disease, glands can't produce a sufficient amount of the essential hormone cortisol. In some case, they also fail to produce aldosterone. Located above the kidneys, the adrenal glands belong to the endocrine system. This system produces hormones for all bodily organs and tissues. If you have any of the symptoms of Addison's disease, see a doctor immediately.

Chronic Fatigue and Muscle Weakness

Any time you feel overly tired or physically exhausted for no apparent reason, there could be something wrong. Stop blaming your busy lifestyle, and schedule an appointment with your local medical provider. An early diagnosis leads to a greater chance of complete recovery.

chronic fatigue addison's disease

Decreased Appetite and Weight Loss

Decreased appetite and weight loss go hand in hand. If you unintentionally start shedding pounds, it may be due to an underlying health issue. Consult with your physician to discover the root of the problem. After that, you can start to adjust your diet, exercise, and medication to improve your health.

weight loss addison's disease

Low Blood Pressure (Hypotension)

If you start to feel dizzy, especially when you stand up, you may have low blood pressure. People diagnosed with hypotension may even black out. It is crucial to get your blood pressure checked. Your doctor can explain the likely reason for fainting and detail various treatments for low blood pressure. If you experience the other symptoms on the list, hypotension could be linked to Addison's disease.

hypotension addison's disease

Low Blood Sugar (Hypoglycemia)

Hypoglycemia is the name for dangerously low blood sugar levels. Hypoglycemics experience clumsiness, confusion, and trouble talking. Other symptoms include loss of consciousness or seizure. Shakiness, sweating, weakness, and feeling hungry are additional signs. Hypoglycemia is linked to liver disease, kidney failure, tumors, diabetes, and hypothyroidism in addition to Addison's disease.

blood sugar addison's disease

Darkening of Skin

Blotchy patches and freckles may appear on your skin, especially on the areas exposed to the sun more frequently. Hyperpigmentation can also happen in covered areas, too, including the gums. The knees, elbows, and forehead are especially susceptible to hyperpigmentation. This discoloration is particularly evident on scars, skin folds, and creases of the palms.

do i have addison's disease

Nausea, Vomiting, and Diarrhea

Nausea and vomiting are very common symptoms of Addison's disease as well as of other ailments. Diarrhea is often associated with Addison's disease, too. While gastrointestinal problems may be due to another illness, they require medical attention.

what if addison's disease

Craving Salty Foods

Craving salt may be a brief issue for those with Addison's disease. The feeling succumbs as soon as you rehydrate your body. Desiring a salty treat may also be a sign of dehydration or electrolyte imbalance.

foods addison's disease

Intolerance to Heat or Cold

Sensitivity to temperatures is a symptom of both Addison's disease and Wilson's syndrome. A person with this symptom may sweat easily or not at all. They're likely to complain of feeling uncomfortably hot or cold in a variety of temperatures. If you are experiencing this, you may assume your temperature just runs higher than average. If you have other Addison's disease symptoms, visit your doctor for an accurate diagnosis.

symptoms of addison's disease

Inability to Cope with Stress

Being under pressure can be hard to deal with for certain individuals. Even though this is a nebulous symptom of Addison's disease, it is a notable one. If you cannot handle stress well, consult with your physician about coping mechanisms.

stress coping addison's disease

Moodiness, Irritability, and Depression

Depression is another sign of Addison's disease. Paired with moodiness and irritability, it forms a distinct pattern. However, diagnosing these symptoms may not be so simple. That's why it is critical to visit your medical provider if you have several of these Addison's disease symptoms simultaneously.

addison's disease moods


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