Eyes are complex globe-shaped organs about the size of ping-pong balls. Basically, the human eye works much like a digital camera. This is because of how it focuses incoming light to make a clear picture. Although the eye is just one part of the larger visual system.


The eyelid protects the eye and blinks often to keep the eyeball moist and clean. The cornea, a clear dome-like structure, covers the iris and the pupil. The cornea directs and focuses light rays which provides us with sharp vision.


The iris is the colorful part of the eye. More than giving us a distinct appearance, it performs a critical task. It consists of muscles that change shape and controls how much light goes through the pupil. The pupil is the black circle in the middle of the iris.

Eye health is an important and often overlooked part of a check-up. For those who do not require glasses, an optometrist is not part of their regular health visits. However, an optometrist does more than just test for eyesight. They perform a battery of tests for your eyeball's internal health and natural reflexes. If it has been a few years since your last optometrist visit, consider making an appointment soon. Many of us rely on our eyes for just about everything.

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