“Things” are objects that don’t need a name, can’t have a name, or cannot be named. So, in this section, this is precisely what you will find. That might sound kind of funny, but it’s true! If you enjoy learning about miscellaneous topics and random trivia, this is a great place to do it! By browsing Facty, we guarantee that you’re bound to find something to satiate your curiosity.

Check out the answers to life’s fantastical mysteries, like mermaids and aliens. We believe that our child-like sense of wonder never really goes away. Or, if you’re searching for articles for children, check out our recommendations! We can help you find books that kids will love and riddles to keep them occupied during long car rides.

If fantastical and mysterious topics aren’t for you, we can also provide you with life skills and practical knowledge. In Things, you will find useful items like answers to help in tough social situations. Choose from a list of fantastic “would you rather” ice-breaker questions. Or read up on the Top Ten Most Common Interview Questions to ace even the toughest interviews.

For a truly random article, browse the Things category, spin your scroll wheel, and click anywhere! You never know where it might take you! We know you will enjoy all the awesome stuff that’s waiting for you!


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