Kidney Stones

Kidney stones are small hard clusters of crystal deposits. These stones are formed when there is an excess of a particular calcium or uric acid in your system, which can't be diluted by your body; therefore, it clumps together to form these kidney stones. Developing in the kidney, you may not feel any symptoms of the tiny clusters until they begin to move and travel through the body. They move around the kidney and then pass into the ureter, which connects the bladder and the kidney. This can be extremely painful. You can feel a pain that fluctuates in intensity and location. Commonly you will feel it in the back and side, below the ribs, lower abdomen and the groin, fever, and chills. Along with the pain, there is an uncomfortable amount of symptoms in regards to urination. It may have a strong smell and be cloudy or dark. You may feel you need to urinate often but can only get a little bit out, and then of course general pain when you are urinating. When this pain gets more intense, or you see blood in your urine you should seek immediate medical attention.


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