Incontinence is another of those complaints that sadly seems to be an appropriate subject for a certain type of comedian, but anyone who suffers from it knows it is far from a laughing matter. In general, it is more common at the two extremes of the age spectrum. Stresses in the family or school pressures contribute to bedwetting in children. As the body weakens a fair number of older adults also encounter continence issues. This is not to say that people of other ages might also become temporarily incontinent due to particular health problems, or most commonly during pregnancy.


Apart from the unpleasantness and inconvenience embarrassment is one of the biggest issues associated with incontinence. Even though it may be emotionally difficult, it is still important to bring this problem to your doctor's attention. They can find out if the incontinence comes about because of stress, or perhaps this patient has some defect in the bladder or a spinal injury. Alternatively, they can provide reassurance that the issue is only connected with the aging process, or maybe the patient is obese or has another problem that first needs to be resolved.


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