Incontinence may seem like a minor problem in our society, but it affects more people than you may think. More than 25 million Americans have problems with their bladder, which can cause embarrassment and pain. Incontinence doesn't affect men and women equally - in fact, around 80% of all patients are women. Luckily, there is a broad range of treatments for incontinence that involves both mental and natural therapies. Find out the top 10 treatments for incontinence.


1. Hypnotherapy

This innovative method involves using relaxation to create a state of heightened concentration. This application is known as hypnosis, and it allows the therapist to perform mental exercises to promote better control of the body. For incontinence, this means making the muscles of the bladder easier to control. Medical research has backed up to use of hypnotherapy, including a study published in the British Medical Journal. Even though some people might seem skeptical about hypnotherapy, you should be open-minded and give it a try; it might just be the perfect treatment for you. Moreover, hypnosis can be performed alone at home with practice.


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