Bladder Infection

A bladder infection is the most common kind of urinary tract infection or UTI. Along with the bladder, it is possible for the ureters, urethra, and even the kidneys to become infected. Specifically, a bladder infection occurs when bacteria have been able to grow inside the bladder.


A person might first notice a bladder infection when they experience pain or burning during urination. For women, a bladder infection is most likely to occur as a result of bacteria from the bowel reaching the urethra and, in turn, the bladder. For men, it's most likely that the restriction of regular urine flow caused the infection – in many cases, this might be an enlarged prostate.


Bladder infections can be treated with antibiotic medication, as well as drinking lots of fluids which help to flush out the bacteria from the bladder and the urinary tract. Eating healthily and drinking more water can also reduce the chances of the infection recurring.

Recognizing and Treating Toddler Bladder Infections
Bladder Infection

Recognizing and Treating Toddler Bladder Infections

Bladder infections are a kind of urinary tract infection. They can be uncomfortable and sometimes scary, but they are very common...

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