Although bladder infections are usually mild conditions, they can be very painful, and if left untreated, might have serious health consequences. The form these infections take varies between men and women and according to age. Women over the age of 40 are particularly prone to bacteria-born infections. Sometimes a bladder infection goes away without any treatment, but if it continues beyond two or three days, consult a doctor. Bladder infections in men are less common and more serious, so a doctor needs to be seen as soon as possible to see whether an enlarged prostate is the source of the problem.

Need to Urinate More Often than Normal

Everyone knows how often they normally need to relieve themselves. When a bladder infection occurs, they find that they need to go to the bathroom much more often than usual. The act of urination should be pain-free, but someone with a bladder infection typically experiences a painful burning feeling while urinating. With a severe infection, a patient might need to go to the bathroom as often as 40 times in the course of one night. This is a sign of infection it is hard to imagine anyone could miss!

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Cannot Resist that Urge to Urinate

Usually, people who need to go to the bathroom can hold off the urge a little while, though it is not healthy to delay going on a regular basis. A person with a bladder infection finds it impossible to delay urinating. When they go to the bathroom, they might find only a small amount of urine comes out. However, almost immediately they feel a need to urinate again. This symptom can be very distressing.

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Changes in the Color of Urine

Changes in the color and smell of urine provide some of the clearest signs of a bladder infection. The urine may take on a cloudy color, or it may be much darker than usual, and it could even have a very disturbing bloody color. It also gives off a particularly offensive odor. Admittedly to see if your urine is its normal color is a task most people find unappealing, but it is one of the most easily spotted signs of a bladder infection.

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Strong Pains

While pain during urination is one of the best-known symptoms of bladder infections, people may also often have pains in other parts of the body. Bladder infections can also sometimes trigger strong pains in the lower abdomen and back. If the pain spreads to the side of the body below the ribs, it raises the possibility that the bladder infection may have developed into a kidney infection. Nobody in this situation should take any risks. Getting a professional medical diagnosis is essential.

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Tiredness and Weakness

Unusual tiredness and weakness may also be symptoms of a bladder infection. In fact, for some older women, these may be the only bladder infection symptoms they experience. Since so many other medical conditions can have a similar effect, establishing a link between a bladder infection and weakness is difficult. Possibly this symptom can turn out to be nothing to be concerned about. For some women, for instance, it may be just a sign of entering menopause.

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High Temperature

As a rule, bladder infections do not often cause adults to run a fever, but this can occur in infected children. Children do not usually experience the painful urination and change in urine color that adults easily notice, but their absence does not rule out the possibility of a bladder infection. Children with these infections might also lose their appetite and become irritable. In any event, a doctor should check the child and see what treatment might be needed.

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Nausea and Vomiting

If the bladder infection remains localized, feelings of nausea and vomiting would be unusual. However, sometimes if the bladder infection continues for many days without treatment, it may spread to the kidneys. If this happens, nausea may develop. The patient may also start to run a fever and may have back pain. If this happens, seek medical assistance without delay.

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Feeling Chilled

A chill is another of the less common bladder infection symptoms. If you develop a chill along with the other more common symptoms of bladder infection, it could indicate that the illness has spread to the kidneys. This changes your situation health condition from mild to potentially serious, and you need to see their doctor as soon as possible.

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Feeling Lethargic

In young people, feelings of lethargy are unlikely to occur as a symptom of a bladder infection. However, severe bladder infections do sometimes make older adults lethargic. Early medical intervention is essential to prevent more serious complications from developing.

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Becoming Confused

Confusion is a bladder infection symptom restricted to the elderly. Confusion may be the only noticeable bladder infection symptom experienced by some elderly ladies. Since dementia and many other serious medical conditions also cause the elderly to be confused, making a correct diagnosis becomes very challenging, but for the patient and their family, it's is absolutely vital.

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