Although bladder infections are usually mild conditions, they can be very painful, and if left untreated, might have serious health consequences. The form these infections take varies between men and women and according to age. Women over the age of 40 are particularly prone to bacteria-born infections. Sometimes a bladder infection goes away without any treatment, but if it continues beyond two or three days, consult a doctor. Bladder infections in men are less common and more serious, so a doctor needs to be seen as soon as possible to see whether an enlarged prostate is the source of the problem.


1. Need to Urinate More Often than Normal

Everyone knows how often they normally need to relieve themselves. When a bladder infection occurs, they find that they need to go to the bathroom much more often than usual. The act of urination should be pain-free, but someone with a bladder infection typically experiences a painful burning feeling while urinating. With a severe infection, a patient might need to go to the bathroom as often as 40 times in the course of one night. This is a sign of infection it is hard to imagine anyone could miss!

bladder infection

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