The kidney is one of the most important organs in your body. They act as natural detoxifiers for everything that goes through your body. They filter blood by transporting oxygen and minerals throughout the body. Additionally, they regulate blood pressure and maintain an electrolyte balance. Because our kidneys take care of us, we need to take care of our kidneys. If we consume too much sugar, fat, alcohol, and toxins they cannot filter it in time. If we cannot filter out such toxins from our bodies, we can become ill fast. The most severe case happens when our kidneys fail.


Initially, kidney failure may be asymptomatic, meaning that it causes no visible symptoms. However, as the condition progresses, it will cause more visible symptoms to appear. Some of the most common symptoms include lethargy, weakness, and shortness of breath. Kidney failure is a life-threatening disease. If diagnosed with kidney failure, the treatment is either dialysis, lifestyle changes or a transplant. The best way to avoid this life-threatening disease is to make preventative lifestyle changes.

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