Diarrhea, or the frequent passes of watery feces, comes in two types. The first one is acute diarrhea, which is a sudden onset of three or more stools a day. It lasts less than two weeks. Infections, like food poisoning, can cause it. Viruses irritate the intestinal lining, which starts absorbing water from waste. Usually, acute diarrhea resolves in several weeks. To help your gut out you can eat a BRAT diet, it can decrease the amount of stool your body produces. BRAT stands for bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast.
Secondly, there is chronic diarrhea, which lasts for many weeks and is usually comorbid. So if you are experiencing prologued issues, it could be a sign that something else is at play.


Though it can be embarrassing, it should not go unchecked. The symptoms of diarrhea can range from a brief upset stomach to extremely watery feces. The most common symptom is an urgent need to go to the bathroom. If you are suffering for over two weeks, you should see a general practitioner. This goes double for any sign of blood in the feces. This is the sign of a more serious condition, such as Crohn's disease or dysentery.

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