Diarrhea can strike anywhere and at any time, and often involves discomfort, pain, and a certain degree of social awkwardness. Despite all the negative associations, diarrhea is an important mechanism the body uses to expel unwanted substances. Without it, we could become seriously ill or die from infections or poisons. It may be unpleasant, but diarrhea protects the stomach. Nevertheless, when easing it is the goal, a number of home remedies can help.


Besides inducing sleep, chamomile tea has a wide variety of medicinal uses, including helping to manage diarrhea by easing pain, bloating, and other symptoms. Chamomile is also versatile and widely available. The antispasmodic properties of this herbal remedy soothe intestinal complications. When symptoms develop, try drinking chamomile tea steeped for ten to 15 minutes, three times a day.



Another time-tested remedy for diarrhea is yogurt. This probiotic-rich food is an important part of a healthy diet in general, contains live cultures, beneficial bacteria that create a natural barrier inside the intestines. This barrier protects against toxins and may also help remove harmful bacteria from the gut. Yogurt is versatile, and there are countless ways to incorporate it into your diet. Look for plain varieties that do not have added sugars.



People around the world have used ginger for its powerful and effective antibacterial properties for centuries. Making tea from boiled ginger root and honey can help reduce nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and abdominal spasms, and the body can only benefit from its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic properties.


Fenugreek Seeds

Fenugreek seeds contain a high amount of naturally present mucilage, which acts similar to fiber, adding some bulk to watery stools, which eases bathroom breaks. Moreover, fenugreek seeds can help to reduce other symptoms, such as pain and dehydration. The best way to consume fenugreek seeds for diarrhea is by mixing a 1/2 tablespoon with plain yogurt. Add honey as a sweetener. Some people have strong reactions to fenugreek seeds, and taking too much can result in a stomach ache and even more diarrhea, so it is best to consume them in small amounts.


Orange Peel

Orange peel is a relatively unknown but surprisingly potent treatment for diarrhea. It aids the digestive process, making it easier to pass stool on a more consistent basis. The best thing about orange peel is that it is cheap and quick to prepare. To make orange peel tea, wash the peel to eliminate any impurities, such as pesticides. Chop the skin and allow it to steep in two cups of boiling water for around 15 minutes. Adding honey and ginger can enhance further the healing effects.


White Rice

In Asian countries, white rice has been used for many centuries as a treatment for diarrhea and other intestinal ailments. Because white rice is bland and low in fiber, it does not irritate the digestive system as other grains would. Other bland foods such as applesauce and toast can have a similar effect, ensuring the body has food to consume without introducing elements that will only make symptoms worse.



Blueberries contain an abundance of pectin, a polysaccharide known for its soothing effect on the digestive system. Blueberries can be consumed by themselves, or stirred into other tummy-friendly foods like yogurt. Drinking blueberry tea can also help alleviate the symptoms of diarrhea and make the ailment pass more quickly.



Bananas are a popular remedy for diarrhea. Like blueberries, they contain pectin, which helps absorb liquid in the digestive system to make stools firmer and more comfortable to pass. Another benefit of bananas is the fact that they are rich in potassium and other nutrients that are lost when the body is voiding itself of fluids regularly. Diarrhea causes loss of water and minerals, and foods like banana can help restore healthy levels of minerals.



Ground psyllium seeds ease diarrhea by absorbing fluids in the intestines. Psyllium is a naturally occurring fibrous husk that aids digestion and helps maintain the health of the gastrointestinal tract. Psyllium has a strong taste, so capsules containing the powder are a popular and more palatable option. Try small amounts of psyllium at the beginning, and gradually increase the dose as tolerated. Make sure you drink plenty of water when you use psyllium.



Goldenseal may help manage diarrhea and other related symptoms. Dried goldenseal has antibacterial properties, which enable it to get rid of unwanted bacteria such as E.coli (which is, in many cases, the cause of your symptoms). The key active ingredient in goldenseal is berberine; its antimicrobial properties have been shown in some studies to be more useful than antibiotics in ridding the body of infections.


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