2. Amazon River

The mighty Amazon is the world’s second-longest river, but it remains the largest in terms of sheer volume. The world's widest river, at certain points, it is impossible to view the other side! The Amazon River also lays claim to the title of the largest drainage basin. The Amazon is 4,345 miles in length, but its immense volume means it holds 20% of the earth’s fresh water supply. Located in South America, the Amazon flows through the nations of Peru, Venezuela, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, and Brazil before it empties into the Atlantic Ocean. Home to the rare pink dolphin, the Amazon is the backbone of the rainforest of the same name, where countless animals and plants make their home. To date, no bridge spans this mighty river that has a number of well-known tributaries like the Rio Negro, Tigre, Ucayali, Tambo, Yapura, and Caqueta Rivers.


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