These days, becoming a more cultured person doesn’t require buying an airplane ticket. It doesn’t even require taking time off work. You can expand your mind in the comfort of your own home. Being cultured means having a certain level of awareness on topics such as other societies, current political developments, literature, and sciences. Today, much of this information is available online.

If you’re seeking answers regarding the world and culture, you can browse through the culture category. You’ll notice that these answers focus on the bigger picture. If you want to shift away from a local focus and move into a global perspective, these answers are perfect for you.

You’ll find one of the benefits of having strong general knowledge is being able to have a conversation with anyone. You’ll be able to relate to people similar to and different from yourself. As well as being an engaging conversationalist, you’ll benefit from keeping your mind sharp.

With accessible and comprehensive content, you can become an expert on all manner of topics. For example, are you living in one of the Top 10 Richest Countries in the World? Have you ever wondered Who are the Richest People in the World? For answers to these questions and many more, check us out!


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