8. Allergies and High Purine Content in Sardines

Any radical changes to your diet should be discussed with your primary physician. Sardines are certainly a super food, rich in essential fats and vitamins, but there are some serious considerations before you dive into the delicious can of mustard sardines. Sardines have a high purine composition. Purines are the components or simple forms that create and build both RNA and DNA. Purine devolves into uric acid.



Elevated levels of uric acid put a strain on your kidneys by the act of pushing out the excess acid. Expressed uric acid can cause a bout of gout. People with gout should avoid sardines. Sardines are considered to be one of eight food products which are categorized as the primary food allergens in the country. Sardines contain vasoactive amines which trigger an allergic response. If you've eaten sardines and then experience symptoms like increased heart rate, trouble breathing, or stomach distress, then you should consult medical help immediately.

Allergies and High Purine Content in Sardines
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