Pregnancy always requires planning, but when a family is expecting twins, extra preparation and precautions are necessary. Twin pregnancies have special health and nutritional considerations, plus they come with an increased risk of complications. These concerns and the anticipation of raising two newborns can cause considerable anxiety; gaining a better understanding of what to expect and seeking out appropriate medical care early on can lead to healthier, safer outcomes for the mother and her children.


1. Odds of Having Twins

Twin pregnancy is relatively rare, making up only about 3.4% of live births. For about 30 years before 2009, twin births became much more common, mostly due to the increased availability of in vitro fertilization. However, practices regarding embryo transfer changed at the end of the last decade, and now most twin pregnancies are natural occurrences. Older women may have a slightly higher chance of having twins or other multiples because hormonal changes can increase the chance that more than one egg is released at a time.

Twins with mom. Caroline Purser / Getty Images

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