Tetanus is a serious infection that is caused by bacteria. The bacteria mostly live in soil and manure thus farmers are in the risk group. However, it can be found everywhere. They also live in gardens and dirty water. Bacteria can also contaminate dust in the major cities.   Tetanus can enter the body through a cut, wound, scrape, or any other break in the skin. Once it's in the body, it produces a poison that affects the nerves. The toxin causes spasms and seizures. Spasms can occur in the jaw, throat, extremities, and chest. Without proper treatment, the toxins will limit breathing and lead to asphyxia.   An infection can develop after any skin injury. However, it can also occur after surgery or dental infection. Drug users can get this infection through heroin injections. Tetanus can develop after tattooing, body piercing, or an insect sting.   The bacteria aren't contagious and can't be contracted from another human. Proper treatment will stop toxin production and prevent complications.


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