Sinusitis is a complaint many people experience even if they don't immediately recognize the medical term. Sinusitis is an inflammation of sinuses, or to be a little more exactly, of their linings. In most cases the cause is viral, and it is unlikely to continue more than a couple of weeks. In the most severe cases, it has been known for the illness to continue for several months.



Only when the complaint continues for a long time, do people need to seek medical assistance. Usually, it is sufficient to rely on treatments at home such as putting a warm pack on the face or using one of the standard painkillers sold at the pharmacy.



The most common signs that someone has sinusitis are a blocked nose and unpleasant greenish or yellowish discharges from the nostrils. Some also complain about pains in the area of the cheeks or forehead. This illness might also cause this person to become feverish, and they lose their sense of smell. People around them could also notice that their breath has become foul-smelling.


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