Herpes is a transmitted virus caused by HSV, or the herpes simplex virus. It can be found in type 1, which presents most commonly around the mouth and face, or type 2, which is the form that arises after intimate exposure to someone else with the active virus. Once exposed, an individual may be unaware that they have contracted the virus for days or even weeks, as the physical evidence might not manifest until then. Even then, some of the symptoms are subtle enough to be easily mistaken for other less worrisome medical issues. If you suspect you may have been exposed to or contracted the herpes virus, it's crucial that you get tested as soon as possible. Ignoring these ten warning signs and failing to get tested in a timely manner can lead to health complications or even accidental transmission of the herpes virus to a loved one. Protect yourself and your partners by familiarizing yourself with these 9 signs of herpes.


1. Eye Infection

While it won't happen in every case, the fact that herpes is a virus can lead to some unusual symptoms. For example, it can actually spread to the eyes in a condition called herpes keratitis. If your eyes suddenly hurt, you experience sensitivity to light, discover any kind of discharge in the eyes, or feel like there is gritty "sleep sand" in the corners that you just can't seem to wipe away, see a vision professional immediately. Keratitis can cause issues like cloudy or scarred vision, and even blindness if left untreated!

herpes eye infection

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