Herpes is an infection caused by the herpes simplex virus. It can produce varying degrees of itchiness and irritation around the affected areas, as well as a certain amount of pain. Unfortunately, there's no cure for herpes. However, healthy habits can aid in preventing flare-ups and the discomfort of herpes sores. Herpes resembles small red bumps that tend to appear on the lips, the mouth, near the eyes, and the genital area. People can become infected by herpes through direct contact with an infected person. Because it's a highly infectious condition, it's easy to become infected. There are a number of simple treatments for herpes.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is famous around the world for the treatments of many skin ailments. Its potent antioxidant properties coupled with its moisturizing effect make it a suitable remedy for treating the skin. Organic, high-quality olive oil is the best option for therapeutic uses. It's wise to avoid cheap olive oils when it comes to protecting the skin. It's especially useful for people who suffer from dry skin. To treat herpes with olive oil, add a few tablespoons of olive oil into a small bowl. You can add a tablespoon or two of honey for a stronger effect. Heat the mixture slightly and apply it directly to the affected area. Wash and repeat as necessary. Be careful not to get any olive oil into sensitive areas.

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Ice is an excellent and soothing remedy for treating herpes. The coolness can significantly help in reducing painful herpes sores as well as its symptoms. Ice is especially useful in treating pain. Ice is also readily available, and cheap, making it one of the most available treatments to battle the condition. To use ice for herpes, you can directly apply ice for a few seconds over the affected area. Alternatively, you can crush some ice and put it in a towel, and carefully place over the affected area for a few minutes. Be careful not to leave the ice on for too long. It's important to remember that herpes sores can spread through contact. Wash your hands and therapeutic materials well before using them on other areas of your body.

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Baking Soda

Because of its surprising effectiveness, baking soda is considered by many as one of the best treatments for herpes. It's also widely used for other conditions of the skin, such as acne. Baking soda works by relieving the symptoms caused by herpes: it can reduce pain and itchiness. Be careful not to confuse baking soda with baking powder, which is a different product altogether. To use baking soda, add a tablespoon of baking soda with a few drops of water. Form a paste, and apply it to the affected areas for a few minutes. Wash with warm water.

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Tea Tree Oil

Few natural remedies are as diverse as tea tree oil which is known for its calming scent and potent antioxidant properties. Tea tree oil is an effective treatment of many different diseases and conditions of the skin, including herpes. Tea tree oil is very powerful. Make sure it's diluted before use. Mix a few drops of the oil into a glass of water. Apply the mixture onto the affected areas, avoiding contact with the eyes and other sensitive parts of the skin. You may notice an overpowering smell, which is entirely natural and isn't dangerous. Don't use tea tree oil for internal use. Be careful because tea tree is an astringent and can sting.



Lemon is a superfood with many beneficial properties. Lemon is also surprisingly able to treat herpes. This bright fruit is highly effective because of its antifungal and antibacterial composition. It has flavonoids which aid in the healing of the skin, reducing the presence of blisters and sores. One of the best ways to use lemon is to purchase lemon balm, acclaimed for its medicinal effects. You can also wash the affected area with diluted lemon water. Lemon juice can also be drunk for an internal immune system boost.

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Licorice Root

Surprisingly, licorice root has plenty of uses in the field of beauty and aesthetics. That's why many people use it for the treatment of herpes. Its therapeutic properties coupled with its effectiveness make it one of the top ten treatments for herpes. What makes licorice root even better is that you can purchase the effective treatment as an extract, which combines all the power of licorice root in a tiny drop. You can consume licorice root capsules meant for internal use, or you may apply licorice root extract onto the affected area, being careful to avoid sensitive areas. Licorice root may sting. It's advisable to test the material on unbroken skin before applying to herpes sores.

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Mint Tea

Herbal remedies are cheap, easy ways to treat a multitude of conditions. Many people praise the positive effects of therapeutic tea on the skin, and the body as a whole. Mint tea is no different; it's one of the most tranquil and comfortable ways to treat herpes. The anti-viral and anti-inflammatory components of mint tea help fight herpes and reduce its effects. To use mint tea, add a mint tea bag into a warm cup of water. Apply the heated tea bag onto the affected area and allow to rest for a few minutes. Wash with water and repeat a few times per week. You may also use black tea.

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Cornstarch is used mainly for cooking but also treats skin-related problems. It works by absorbing moisture from the skin, which is what makes it excellent for relieving symptoms such as itching and burning. It can also help reduce pain. To dry up herpes sores, apply a paste made from cornstarch and water onto the affected area, and allow it to sit for up to ten minutes. Rinse and wash with a gentle soap. You can repeat the process once in a while, but remember not to get any of the mixtures into the eyes.

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Aloe Vera Gel

Time after time, aloe vera treats all kinds of problems. From bug bites to sunburns, aloe vera seems like a miracle cure. Its powerful healing ability also makes it perfect for herpes. Aloe Vera is great because it promotes rapid healing of the skin. It also creates a soothing effect on the surface of the skin and the mind. You can use freshly extracted aloe vera gel, or you may purchase aloe vera gel at your local health food store. In any case, aloe vera gel will surely benefit you in treating herpes.

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Lysine Rich Foods

A healthy diet is the best remedy for many conditions. Herpes tends to flare up when your immune system struggles against inflammation, bacteria, and viruses.  A robust immune system can keep the ugly sores of herpes at bay. A diet rich in beneficial probiotics can reinforce your health. Herpes is a chronic condition and may strike at any period, but a diet rich in lysine, a natural amino acid, can keep your skin healthy and supple. Moderated servings of legumes, fish, and leafy green vegetables will ensure your body receives enough lysine to fight recurring episodes of herpes outbreaks. Many health stores also carry the supplement lysine.

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