Picture this: you’ve just come back from a great vacation to beautiful Portland, Oregon. Your co-worker asks what you did while you were there. You pull out your phone and start showing them all the cool photos of restaurants and shops you hit on your trip. Suddenly, they interrupt you–“What! You didn’t go to the art museum? You haven’t been to Portland if you haven’t seen the art museum.” They proceed to tell you all the cool things they saw when they were there. But it’s all background noise to you. “Oh no,” you think, “I thought I had it all planned out…” Now you’re drowning in FOMO. It’s not your fault. How could you have known the best places to go in a city you’ve never been to? Facty Travel’s Local, that’s how. Next time avoid the awkward feeling of missing out, check us out before you go.

Local is a great place to check before you plan a trip anywhere. You can read up on which places you definitely have to see while you’re in Las Vegas. Or you can learn which places to stay away from in 10 Most Dangerous Cities in America. We have compiled all the best data for restaurant recommendations, best National Parks, and easy day trip ideas that only a local would know.


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