2. The World’s Best Pilot, Murdock

Dwight Schultz played the part of Captain “Howling Mad” Murdock. Murdock was considered the best pilot of the Vietnam War but was officially declared insane - possibly as a result of PTSD. The well-loved character was larger than life and over the top, so much so that execs considered cutting him until feedback from the test audiences convinced them not to. While Schultz wasn't as well known as Peppard when he joined the A-Team, the actor has gone on to have a long-lasting career in both acting and voice acting. Also unlike Peppard, he was much happier when it came to matters of the heart. In 1983, Schultz married fellow actress Wendy Fulton, who starred in another cult classic, Knightrider. The couple, who are still together today, have one daughter called Ava.

Dwight Schultz a-team
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