Crochet hair, or crochet braids to give them their proper name, are an incredible way to add some extra hair into your styling routine. The likelihood is that you've seen crochet braids and never realized, as they pass so effectively for natural hair. They have been making a comeback thanks to celebrities like Issa Rae, and Youtube star Alicia B Gettys. Today's crochet braids are inspired by the natural hair movement, so you're more likely to see people wearing them in Havana twists, braid outs, or simply with their hair in a ponytail.


1. What Are Crochet Braids?

Crochet braids are sometimes known as latch hook braids. Rather than the hair itself, the method is actually called the crochet method and is an effective way to add synthetic hair extensions onto your own hair. Usually, the extensions are looped through your own cornrows, providing extra length or volume. The joy of this kind of braiding is that they can be freely styled in many different ways. When you've had enough, you can take them out and still easily wear your hair naturally.

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