Who said being a grown-up means you can't have fun? Even though a lot of parties in your 20s-onwards tend to veer towards drinking, they don't have to be just that. You never know what board or card games out there could really spice up a party. Games are also a great addition for those who don't drink or want to do more than just talk. Furthermore, there are some wickedly fun games for parties that will get to the core of you and your friends' secrets and ambitions.


1. Exquisite Corpse

Cadavre exquis - or exquisite corpse - is a drawing game that is much less horrific than it sounds. Invented by the surrealists of the early 20th Century, artists like Salvador Dali, Frida Kahlo, and André Breton played the game a lot. The best part is all you need for it are strips of paper, pens, and your imagination. In the game, everybody draws a head of something. Then, the paper is folded and passed on to the next person in the circle who draws the torso, and so on. Once the paper is unfolded, you wind up with some pretty hilarious stuff.

friends playing board game Mladen Zivkovic / Getty Images

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