After the repressive, Nuclear Family style of the 1950s came change. The 60s were a decade that was fueled by it: Women chopped off their hair again and experimented with styles outside of swooshy dresses. Sirens like Brigitte Bardot and Raquel Welch made it not just okay to look great, but desirable to both sexes. Equally, the mod style from over the Atlantic gave teens a chance to do the opposite of what their parents wanted. One of the first ways they could do this was by emulating the 60s hairstyles they saw on TV and in fashion magazines.


1. Twiggy's New Pixie

The epitome of the mod squad invasion from across the pond, fashion model Twiggy sported a short, side-parted bob. Worn slick to the skull, this sleek and now iconic cut brought out the model's big eyes and set a fire under teen girls to emulate the look. It was daring and new; a far cry from the updos and bouffants they’d grown up around. To this day, it’s also a style that’s daring, bold, and totally worth the risk in taking.

English model Twiggy, originally Lesley Hornby, in a London street. Meagher / Getty Images

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