Persians are the most popular breed of cat in North America. The Persian has a sweet face with a large, round head and large, round eyes. It has small, rounded ears, full cheeks, and a short nose. The breed is also known for its long, shiny coat that comes in many colors, including white, red, black, chocolate, cream, and lilac as well as in silver and gold shaded. All cats are individuals; just because a cat is a Persian doesn't mean they will display every characteristic of the breed. However, here are some of the positive and negative characteristics Persian cats tend to have.


1. Persians Are Affectionate

Persians are affectionate with their family members. They love to sit in their owners' laps while being pet or combed. However, a Persian is also discriminating; they won't be greeting strangers at the door when they come to visit. Rather, the Persian will reserve her affection for her family and the few visitors she feels she can trust.

AkilinaWinner / Getty Images

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