German Pomeranians have been around for hundreds of years. Originally from the Pomerania region of Germany and Poland, they were brought to the United Kingdom. Surprisingly enough, they were originally bred as a large dog, large enough to pull a sled. However, sometime in the 18th century they were bred smaller and smaller. German Pomeranians are popular due to their teacup size and unique appearance. However, like all dog types, there are positive and negative aspects of the breed.


1. Good: Intelligence

Pomeranians are known for their exceptional intelligence. They will often exhibit signs of alertness, and they can understand a large vocabulary of words spoken to or around them. They have very clear perception as well, responding to stimuli such as the sound of a leash or human words. Naturally curious, Pomeranians will always surprise and amuse with their natural intellect.

intelligence German Pomeranians GlobalP / Getty Images

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