Many people prepare for emergencies long before they come. The security of knowing that you are safe in case of a disaster is a great feeling to have. However, preparing for an emergency can be overwhelming. It can be hard to prioritize what you need and what you don't. Just like you make a grocery list before running to the supermarket or a to-do list before a trip, making an emergency shopping list will help you grab everything you need and avoid picking up things you don't.


1. Preserved Fruits and Vegetables

Many fruits and vegetables will spoil quickly, usually within a week or two. If you’re planning to take a long trip or stay at home for an extended period, preserved fruits and veggies can help you stick to a healthy diet without worrying about expiration dates. Many canned vegetables can be eaten as is or reheated, such as canned green beans and carrots. Dried or canned fruit, like peaches or apricots, can provide a needed energy boost.

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