Companies are increasingly using phone interviews to screen through the job candidates who submit their resumes. Most companies may only choose a handful of people to interview over the phone, and only a few of those will go on to have an in-person interview or get the job. Because phone interviews are surprisingly different from in-person interviews, many people need some tips to help them succeed during their interview.


1. On the Phone

Most companies will schedule the phone interview via email or a hiring service, though some may initiate and schedule the interview over an initial phone call. It’s important for the person who is applying for the job to answer the phone. There is no shame in not being available if the phone call comes at an inconvenient moment, but being courteous is essential. A minor statement of, “I’m sorry, but I wasn’t expecting this call, and I won’t be able to give the call my full attention. Can we reschedule?” shows respect and asking to reschedule confirms interest.

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