The most well-known secret military base in the world is Area 51, a 10-mile long test facility for top-secret military aircraft situated near the dry bed of Groom Lake. Part of the Edwards Air Force Base situated within the Nevada Test and Training Range, the base is located 83 miles northwest of Las Vegas. Conspiracy theorists believe the secret facility houses several alien spacecraft and perhaps even a few alien bodies.


1. The History of Area 51

In 1955, the United States Air Force bought the land and designated it Area 51 on a map to provide a secure place to test the U-spy plane. The dry lake bed surrounded by mountains gave the air force a perfect airstrip. However, the CIA would not concede the existence of the base until 2013. When the official history of the U-2 project was published, it described Area 51 as "the new facility in the middle of nowhere."

area 51

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