Almost everyone with curly hair knows it can be a challenge. There is no doubt that curls are beautiful, but they do not always cooperate with styling attempts. Some people use straighteners and other products or techniques to remove the curl from their hair, but naturally curly hair can look elegant and stylish too.

Many women have discovered that a combination of healthy hair and curl-enhancing hairstyles produces gorgeous results. The secret to curly hairstyles often lies in layer cuts and letting curls flow naturally.


1. Cutting Hair in Layers

A very simple layering cut can be done at home. Cut damp, but not soaking wet, hair after a shower or bath. Comb out all knots or tangles. Lean forward and flip hair over the top of the head to capture it in an elastic band at the forehead. Slide the elastic down 2-3 inches from the head for shorter layers, or slide the elastic farther away from the head for longer layers. Hold the elastic in place while cutting the ponytail in an even line from the bottom. Take hair out of the ponytail to trim uneven sections.

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