Almost all of us have experienced dreams, and there are so many different kinds of dreams, too. Those that feel real and those you know are influenced by something you’ve seen or read. But why do we dream? What do our dreams mean? Freud once stated that dreams were the route to our subconsciousness. Since then, it’s become a popular pastime to try and analyze our dreams. After all, there are common themes that crop up from time to time for all of us.


Have you ever drifted off to sleep and then felt yourself falling, which jolts you awake again? The significance of a dream in which you or someone else you know is falling usually symbolizes insecurities and a loss of control. Often, our waking minds can repress our true feelings, which then come out when we go to sleep. You could be falling from a roof, a cliff, or an airplane, but it's not where you're falling from that matters. If you dream of falling, you could be lacking stability or are unsure of something in your waking life.

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Wouldn't it be fantastic if we could fly? Some of us are lucky enough to have had dreams where we can. In many cases, dreams about flying are considered lucid. This is when you can actually control what's going on in the dream. For example, if you have to flap your arms to fly or if you can soar. Most who dream they're flying describe it as a positive and joyful experience. Perhaps, unlike falling, this is because they have control over their waking lives. Furthermore, dreams about flying could be telling you to look at things more broadly. If you dream that you're flying, it could be time to find a new perspective on something.

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Running Away

Dreams where you're running away from someone or something are unfortunately common. These dreams are, understandably, triggered by high anxiety. Whether you're running from an attacker, monster, or an unseen force, these are dreams that can really shake you up. As well as anxiety, chase dreams can signify avoidance. Whatever it is that you're being chased by could be representing the issues you're running from when you're awake. They might even be a symbol of running away from yourself. Occasionally, you might also be the chaser in the dream. If so, your dream could be telling you to go after what you want in life.

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Losing Teeth

A dream about your teeth falling out can be traumatic. It can also feel far too real for our liking. They are, however, some of the most common dreams people have. Some of the scenarios include your teeth crumbling or falling out one by one. It's a hard visual to escape, even hours after waking. The meaning behind it may be related to vanity, communication, or embarrassment. Your fear of rejection or trouble communicating with somebody may be causing this kind of dream.

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Who hasn’t had a dream of turning up to school or work and suddenly being naked? It’s one of those dreams that none of us want, but pretty much everyone gets at one point or another. Usually, being naked indicates feeling vulnerable, and it's no different in dreams. All eyes are on you. Have you let your guard down, or do you feel like you're going to? That could be to blame. A dream about nudity might also mean being afraid of exposure. If you're hiding something from those you love, it could come out to haunt you in one of these dreams. The dream might be telling you that it's time to lay it all out in the open. I mean, there are worse things. Like being naked in public.

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This is a common dream for people in relationships. Like nudity, being in a relationship with someone makes you feel vulnerable. The worst thing that could happen after giving your trust and yourself to somebody you love is for them to go behind your back and mess around with somebody else. These dreams can be really unsettling and sometimes lead to conversations in real life. They could mean that you’re feeling insecure or neglected. But remember, one of the most important things in a relationship is communication. It might not be so bad to talk about your fears.

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Being Late

Have you missed a flight, train, ride, or date in a dream before? You and almost everyone else. Maybe you’ve missed an important appointment or your best friend’s wedding or even your own. These dreams about being late could mean that you're taking on too much in your waking life and, therefore, your frustration is coming out in dreams. It can also be a sign that you're procrastinating or putting something off when you should be making decisions. Less commonly, missing a flight or appointment can also signify sadness or regret about something that's happened in your past that you can't escape from. If you have a lot of dreams like this, the best way to combat them is to do it head-on while you're awake. Being in control might also mean sometimes letting things go.

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Water is a symbol that can crop up in many dreams. It most commonly symbolizes the ebb and flow of life and emotions. But the interpretation of your water dream can mean a different thing depending on how the water appears. For example, dreaming of a river might be a sign of living your life whereas drowning could signify heavy emotional turmoil. Waves might be pent up emotions and walking on water might mean you're feeling in charge. Regardless of how you dream of water, there's a meaning behind it. Most of them are lurking just beneath our surface. After all, the body is 70% water.

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Being Lost

When was the last time you dreamed about being lost in a place you don’t know? Our guess is quite recently. If you dream of being lost somewhere, it could very well mean that you're feeling lost in your own life. Dreams of being lost usually denote something that's going on in the present. If you have one of these dreams, instead of worrying about it, you should ask yourself how you're feeling lost. It could be within yourself, at a new job, in a new relationship, or more. If you dream somebody else is lost, it could mean you feel a gap between you both. Luckily, gaps can mend.

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There’s a common misconception that if you die in your dream, you die in real life. That just isn’t the case. If it were, millions of us would have died after having a bad dream. Regardless of this fact, death dreams can be jarring. Metaphorically, death means the end of one thing and the beginning of another. Dreams about death are actually about rebirth. These dreams can occur when you're undergoing an intense transitional phase or are becoming more enlightened. Perhaps a chapter in your life is ending such as your marriage or children leaving home and as much as this can hurt, it doesn't have to be the end. Dreaming of death or dying can be a wakeup call, but it should never frighten you. Like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon, it's just the beginning of something brand new.

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