Have you ever been on a road trip and gone through a town whose name you can't believe exists? The U.S. has a lot of towns like this, and they aren't always small towns of just 800 people. As interesting as some of the names are, you probably don't wonder about where they came from. For example, Phoenix derives from the Native American settlement that was once there and the new city that rose rom the ashes. But what about Coupon, Pennsylvania? Here are the most unusual town names in the U.S... and their meanings!


1. Cut and Shoot, Texas

Although no violence actually occurred, the city's unusual name had an equally bizarre conception. In 1912, there was a confrontation over a new design for the then town's only church steeple. The violence was reportedly thwarted when a little boy declared, "I'm going to cut around the corner and shoot through the bushes in a minute." Apparently, the name just kind of stuck.

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