There are common misconceptions out there surrounding haircuts for people with a round face. Possibly the biggest lie is that a round face will only suit one or two different hairstyles. Round faces are incredibly feminine and can actually pull off anything from a pixie cut to a shag cut. Here are just a few examples of hairstyles that enhance your beautiful round face.


1. Classic Pixie Cut

The pixie is classic and stunning, and you don’t need to have a face like Edie Sedgwick or Twiggy to rock one. A textured pixie cut done by the right stylist can look like you were been born to wear one. For round faces, a pixie cut with some extra height on the top of the cut sometimes works best. Layers that add some choppy height to the mix actually elongates your face by drawing attention to your forehead. However, hair texture and the overall shape of your head are big considerations when choosing the right style of pixie cut. Get the help of a stylist who is experienced in short haircuts to determine what type of pixie will work best for you.

best hairstyles for round faces a-wrangler / Getty Images

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