Names beginning with 'A' have always been popular with new parents. In fact, names starting with this letter have been topping the charts for both boys and girls for several years. For parents looking for a classic or traditional moniker for their new daughter, there are plenty of choices beginning with 'A.' However, there are also many modern and more unique options up for grabs as well. Many names for girls beginning with 'A' also end with the same letter, giving them a more feminine sound.


1. Ava

This pretty and feminine name comes from the Latin meaning 'life.' Although the name Ava fell out of popular use for some time, it's enjoyed a revival thanks to celebrities such as Reese Witherspoon selecting it for their daughters. Girls called Ava also share their name with the Hollywood starlet Ava Gardner. The name Ava has ancient roots. It was the name of Saint Ava, whose blindness was cured before she became a nun.

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