Knock-knock jokes have been around for hundreds of years. Some people love them, while others groan. It all depends on the audience and the wording. The best knock-knock jokes have witty wordplay going on, and the more kid-friendly ones are silly and fun. Some of these call-and-response riddles are great ice-breakers at parties can help you create stronger bonds with your children. It's wise to have a few of the best knock-knock jokes up your sleeve, ready to entertain others any time it looks like boredom might be setting in.


1. William Shakespeare Wrote the First Knock-knock Joke

Shakespeare is known for many of today's famous sayings, phrases, and jokes. When researchers claim that Shakespeare was responsible for first writing this call-and-response joke, they point out that it's not exactly worded the way we might be familiar with now. There's a point in Macbeth where a hungover porter speaks after hearing a knock at the door. He goes on a humorous tirade, saying, "Knock, knock! Who's there?" twice in succession, each time giving himself a different answer. His funny, though dark, responses include words to the effect that there's a gatekeeper of hell at the door.

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