Reading is one of the most fundamental activities for kids. When they’re young, they have such an endless capacity for imagination that stories truly come to life. While there are many stories great for kids, there are those that get passed down and recommended. And for good reason! Books that stand the test of time, or become instant-classics do so because they strike a chord with young readers. These ten books are a great introduction into some of the finest books for kids out there.


1. The Little Prince

Originally written in French as ‘Le Petit Prince’, ‘The Little Prince’ is a story about the magic of imagination. And of how we should never lose it, but always seem to. Written by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, the book’s narrator is an aviator who crash-lands in the desert and meets a small boy, the Little Prince. That boy is on a worldwide adventure for wisdom and understanding, all the while helping ‘grown-ups’ along the way. The book is a modern classic and one that’s messages will follow your kids their entire lives. After all, as the book so ideally states, “Growing up is not the problem, forgetting is!”

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