Great haircuts never go out of style. One of the best examples of a good hairstyle is the bob. Since the era of the flappers, women have been deciding to lop off their hair. We're pretty thankful for it! A bob is a cut that will suit any face shape and any age. Back in the day, women with short hair were considered undesirable. How wrong they were! Luckily, the bob isn't going anywhere, and the best bob haircuts are right there waiting for you.

Don't be Afraid of Bangs

Bangs and bobs go hand-in-hand. In fact, bob haircuts are one style that suits bangs, no matter what. In recent years, celebrities such as Taylor Swift and Bella Hadid have worked this look in their own ways. Although different styles of bangs will suit different face shapes, a good hair stylist will know exactly the cut to give you. Whether you go for the choppy, feathered look or the high-forehead snip, your bob will be its ideal partner.

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Girls With Curls

Fashion has thankfully moved on since the days of the early 00s in which everybody had a pair of hair straighteners. The beauty of curls is really being brought back to the forefront with models such as Mica Arganaraz and country star, Cam. You can never go wrong with curls and neither can the bob! A bob can work with tight curls or loose ones. That's just part of its beauty.

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Sleek is Chic

Sleek bobs are a surefire way to look like a million dollars. The Academy Awards red carpet was awash with them; with stars such as Charlize Theron and Irina Shayk sporting them alongside many others. Such a turnout for the bob on the red carpet is proof that it's the hottest haircut for the upcoming year. And we're not mad about it.

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Vintage Never Goes Out of Style

During the First World War and throughout the Prohibition era of the 1920s, the bob exploded onto the scene. This was a big step for women's rights and a way of standing up and claiming autonomy. As an alternative option to the sharp Clara Bow flapper look, you can break out the bobby pins and play around with some pin curls. Bobs look great with some pin curls. Just do a quick search to find out how to do them!

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Be a Rockstar

Rockers really know how to master that "just got out of bed" look. The bob is a great haircut to do this with as its short enough not to tangle and also long enough to be messed up as much as you want it to be. Debbie Harry, Joan Jett, and Chrissie Hynde are just a few of the rockers who have sported a bob. A rocker bob is also sometimes referred to as the "bad girl haircut." Furthermore, a choppy bob like this is also one of the easiest versions to maintain. In fact, you can literally get out of bed and run your fingers through it, and it'll look cool.

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Trendy Hair is Refreshing

Trendy doesn't always have to mean the same as "what everyone else is doing." On the contrary, trendy can mean you're making your own trends. A choppy, layered, asymmetrical bob can be a great alternative to the sleek, straight look. Some of the stars who have worked this look well include Emma Roberts and Zoe Saldana. In addition to making you look cool, if you have thin hair, it can also help to make it look thicker. Win/win.

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Go Asymmetrical

Speaking of asymmetry, 2013 was a huge year for the asymmetrical bob. However, just because it was big then doesn't mean it won't be again. This classic look has been going since the 60s, and it always comes back into style. They should really think about teaching against center parts in school. After all, everyone should be privy to this bobbed cut.

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The Louise Brooks

Louise Brooks almost single-handedly took the flapper style into the mainstream. The silent movie star is known to this day, remembered most fondly for her sharp and choppy King Tut bob. Alongside other silent movie heroines such as Clara Bow, Brooks took the bob to new heights. We're happy to say it has also yet to come down. Viva las Flappers!

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The Long Bob

Long bobs are so popular these days that hairstylists have coined a term especially for it. A lob is a bob that either reaches the shoulders or is even a little longer. It's a hair trend that has been huge with celebrities for the last few years. Everyone from Margot Robbie to Jennifer Lawrence and Hailey Baldwin has been on the lob train. Lobs are also great for those with long hair who might want to make the cut but are intimidated by cutting too much off at a time. In that way, the lob can also work as a transient cut between long locks and a stylish bob.

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Straight Edge

You don't have to have just-got-out-of-bed hair to look like a rockstar. A straight, sleek bob can be a great addition for any woman. Musician St. Vincent and actress Olivia Wilde have both worked this cut in different ways that show the bob's true versatility. It was the late great Vidal Sassoon who took the idea of the blunt bob to turn it into a fashion statement, and it's nice to see that all these years on, blunt cuts can still be cream of the crop.

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