Great haircuts never go out of style. One of the best examples of a good hairstyle is the bob. Since the era of the flappers, women have been deciding to lop off their hair. We're pretty thankful for it! A bob is a cut that will suit any face shape and any age. Back in the day, women with short hair were considered undesirable. How wrong they were! Luckily, the bob isn't going anywhere, and the best bob haircuts are right there waiting for you.


1. Don't be Afraid of Bangs

Bangs and bobs go hand-in-hand. In fact, bob haircuts are one style that suits bangs, no matter what. In recent years, celebrities such as Taylor Swift and Bella Hadid have worked this look in their own ways. Although different styles of bangs will suit different face shapes, a good hair stylist will know exactly the cut to give you. Whether you go for the choppy, feathered look or the high-forehead snip, your bob will be its ideal partner.

bob haircuts CoffeeAndMilk / Getty Images

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