Everyone's been in the hot seat for a job interview before - you've landed face time at the company of your dreams, and you don't want to blow it. Your resume is polished, and you're wearing your best attire - but how do you make sure that you stand out among several - even dozens - of people that want the same job? There are common interview questions that you'll encounter at every position - a little bit of homework and practice on your part, and you can breeze through them with a confident smile.


1. What Are Your Strengths?

You may have highlighted your accomplishments in each job on your resume already, but here's your chance to elaborate on the qualities that make you a good employee. If you're prompt - or early - meeting deadlines, or if you enjoy taking care of minute details, describe specific times that you've been successful doing so. Remember to cite a specific example of each strength you've mentioned. If you're stuck, think about your old performance reviews for inspiration.

strengths common interview questions

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