When it comes to love, there's a fine line between romantic, profound, erotic, and downright adorable. The following ten cutest quotes about love won't necessarily move anyone to tears or rev up any libidos, but it's a sure bet they will score high in "AWWWWW" factor. They'll also be handy to have bookmarked for when you need to say just the right (and extremely cute) thing at just the right time. Your sweetie won't be able to resist the cute things you say!


1. "Where we love is home, home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts."

These words were written almost two centuries ago as part of a poem called "Homesick in Heaven." The writer was Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr., a physician, teacher, reformer, and author, who expressed his simple desire to be back home with his wife and family after weeks of traveling for his work. He expresses perfectly how even when we have to be away, our hearts stay home with the ones we love.

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