Riddles are fun and thought-provoking puzzles. For millennia, people have created riddles to confound and entertain others. Some of the greatest writers throughout history wrote riddles in their spare time to amuse others and flex their minds. William Shakespeare would often include his riddles in his plays. Many modern riddles rely on a twist or require a certain level of ingenuity. The best riddles have interesting answers and are satisfying to solve. However, it’s important to note that many riddles can potentially have multiple answers, depending on the cleverness of the person solving them.


1. Finding a Criminal

A carpenter, a lawyer, a homeless man, and a retail store employee are all playing poker together. The police are searching for a criminal in the area, but they have very little information about their target. The only information the police have is the person’s name and that they will be playing at this poker game. The police break into the room where the four individuals are playing poker and, without communicating, immediately arrest the retail store employee. How did they know the employee was the criminal? Answer: Of those four, a retail employee is the only one who has to wear a nametag. Alternatively, the police had a name that indicated one gender and the other three individuals were a different gender.

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