For many parents, mornings are the busiest time of the day. Between preparing breakfast and making sure your children are ready on time, finding time to do your child's hair is tricky. It can also be difficult to think of new, creative kids' hairstyles so that your child doesn't become bored with the same repetitive hairdo. The type of hairstyle you create for your child will mostly depend on how much time you have, but whether you have 5 minutes or 50, there is an adorable style for your child.

Double Dutch braids

It's no coincidence that double dutch braids are one of the most common hairstyles for kids, they're cute, fashionable, and quick and easy to do for parents. Double dutch braids are the perfect hairstyle for busy mornings before school when time is limited. It is also extremely easy to learn how to do this hairstyle, so even if you haven't braided hair before, you can still make sure your child looks put together.

Young girl with two Dutch braids Ian_Redding / Getty Images


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