For many parents, mornings are the busiest time of the day. Between preparing breakfast and making sure your children are ready on time, finding time to do your child's hair is tricky. It can also be difficult to think of new, creative kids' hairstyles so that your child doesn't become bored with the same repetitive hairdo. The type of hairstyle you create for your child will mostly depend on how much time you have, but whether you have 5 minutes or 50, there is an adorable style for your child.

Double Dutch braids

It's no coincidence that double dutch braids are one of the most common hairstyles for kids, they're cute, fashionable, and quick and easy to do for parents. Double dutch braids are the perfect hairstyle for busy mornings before school when time is limited. It is also extremely easy to learn how to do this hairstyle, so even if you haven't braided hair before, you can still make sure your child looks put together.

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The half-up-half-down hairstyle looks great at any age. As long as you have time to brush your child's hair, you will have time to put it into a half-up-half-down style. This hairdo is one of the simplest styles, so anyone can learn to do it; you could probably even teach your children to do this style themselves. For special occasions or to add extra detail, you could also use a ribbon in your child's hair.

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Loose low braid

A low, loose braid is another low-maintenance, easy style for parents who are in a rush. This style is even easier and quicker to create than double dutch braids, as you can put all of your child's hair in one large braid. This hairdo is suitable for both casual and formal situations. Adding ribbons, bows, or scrunchies to the end of a braid can make this style cuter and more appropriate for special occasions.

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Twisted Bun

Twisted buns are very stylish, and most young children love this hairdo. Unless you have a lot of additional time in the mornings, twisted buns are usually most suited for special occasions or events. Despite this hairstyle taking longer to do, the twisted bun is not a difficult style to perfect and is ideal for birthday parties or weddings.

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Space buns

Space buns are fun, quirky, and adorable. If your child has become bored with traditional hairstyles, this is the perfect way to switch it up. Space buns are just as easy to create as a regular bun, but their placement will provide some added excitement to your child's look. For events, try adding colorful scrunchies or flowers to each space bun to create a more vibrant hairdo.

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Crown twist braid

Crown twist braids are beautifully intricate and perfect for weddings or other formal events. Crown braids can seem complex for those who aren't hairstylists, although it is possible to learn how to create this style at home. While it is unlikely you will put your child's hair into a crown braid before school, learning how to create this pretty style before special events could be a great way to save money on a hairstylist.

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Using hair accessories in your child's hair is a great way to add fun and excitement without much time or energy. Headbands are inexpensive, easily found, and come in a range of colors, styles, and patterns, so you are sure to find some that your child loves. You can easily add a headband to hair that is left down, ponytails, or half-up-half-down styles, making this the perfect hairstyle choice for school and rushed mornings.

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Ballet bun

If your child does ballet, you probably already know about the ballet bun. This hairstyle is very practical, keeps your child's hair away from their face, and always looks sleek. The ballet bun is appropriate for a variety of occasions, so whether your child is going to school, visiting a friend, or taking a sport or exercise class, they can wear this style. You can also use bobby pins to ensure that a ballet bun stays in place and looks fresh.

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Slicked back high ponytail

A high ponytail will keep your child's hair pulled away from their face and still looks cute. This hairdo is the perfect style for children with long hair. For a polished finish, make sure your child's hair is well brushed before you attempt putting it into a high ponytail. If you want to make the hairstyle look playful and colorful, consider using a bright scrunchie or cute bow to tie your child's hair.

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Slicked back braided ponytail

The slicked back braided ponytail is a hybrid of the high ponytail and the low braid. This simple style takes only a few minutes to create, and it is still fun and practical. A ponytail braid will keep your child's hair away from their face, and the braid will keep it neat, so the style is great for school and sports. If you want to take this hairdo a step further, you could also add a headband or colorful scrunchie.

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