One of the hottest trends in braiding is the Dutch braid. At first glance, it may seem like a French braid, but it is executed very differently. The Dutch version is braided underneath and is sometimes called a reverse braid. Easy enough for even a beginner to master, these braids can be woven into many beautiful styles. Versatile Dutch braids are perfect for work, school, or a night out with your friends. Dressed up or down, they keep their neat appearance. Wake up your look with a fun new braided hairstyle that's as gorgeous as it is easy to create.


1. Single Dutch side braid

If you are new to Dutch braids, this hairstyle is a great place to start. With its single bold braid, it adds a sense of carefree elegance, with its beautiful curved style. It sweeps the hair back from the face delicately, sending it flowing gracefully to the other side. The braiding can begin above the ear or slightly farther back. As it is woven, it follows the hairline above the neck until it reaches the other side. The long single braid is then allowed to hang freely. This would be great for a day out in the sun or on a date in the city. And it keeps your hair looking beautiful and feminine without the need for constant primping.

The graceful Dutch side braid enhances any style. middelveld / Getty Images

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