Your hairstyle says a lot about who you are. For men who want to keep their hair neat and orderly while exhibiting their fashion-forward style, the biggest trend is braiding. The idea of men wearing braids is an age-old style. Even our first American president often wore his hair pulled back in a braid. Today, men with long hair can tame their tresses and men with short hair can have the braids they want. The possibilities are limitless.

Braided man bun with undercut

This advanced version of the man bun holds your hair in complete control. With the underneath layers shaved closely, the upper layers of braids are pulled back easily into a low casual bun. It requires the skill of a professional stylist, both to provide a precision trim or shave and to create all the free-hanging braids. If your hair is too short, there are many colors and styles of braided extensions available.

This braided style allows you to show your professional side during the day, yet packs a solid fashion punch for nights out. For braids that are versatile and easy to manage, this is a great long-lasting style to try.

Tiny braids with a close undercut creates a youthful, masculine look. PDerrett / Getty Images


Box braids extensions

This is a classic, yet distinctly modern, braided look for men. With a wild mass of box braid extensions, any man is sure to turn heads. This is another hairstyle that takes a long time to accomplish. You should have someone experienced with adding hair extensions in charge, so it has a professional look.

Extensions like this can last four to six weeks, with the proper care. It is easy to restrain these braids for activities or work. Simply gather some or all of the braids back into a man bun or ponytail when needed, and keep your style fresh for weeks to come.

Box braided extensions add excitement to even the shortest hair. Lorado / Getty Images


Wider cornrows

Traditionally, cornrows use small locks of hair. But, by using larger portions of hair, you can create a different look that works for many types of hair. Like classic cornrows, the hair is braided very close to the scalp and moves from the forehead to the base of the skull. After that, the braids hang free. They are secured at the end of each braid.

This is a look that works for shorter haircuts, too. The braids won't hang as far from the scalp, but the dynamic pattern is just as appealing. This is a look takes less time than classic cornrows, since there are fewer braids. You may be able to attain this look at home with the help of a friend.

Anyone can rock cornrows with style. anilbolukbas / Getty Images


Short layered braids

Even short hairstyles can rock some trendy braids! With layer after layer of tiny braids, this look is easy to maintain and generally lasts a long time. This is good since you will need the services of a good hairstylist to achieve it.

With this style, thin braids fill the entire scalp. They tend to stand up and out around the top of the head, adding an interesting texture and movement to the look. Braids near the bottom of the head hang down freely, creating a loose, yet restrained, statement of bold hair fashion.

Fill your scalp with layer after layer of tiny braids. shironosov / Getty Images


Single plait

What could be easier for a braid beginner than a single plait? With its simple, bold braid beginning at the base of the skull, this braid keeps even the thickest hair under control. Start by parting the hair down the middle. Then, gather the three equally divided portions of hair and create a simple box braid. For this style, very little experience with braiding is necessary.

To get the most out of this style, make sure your part is defined and the sections of hair are the same. This makes a look that is sophisticated and sharp, perfect for the office or after hours.

Make a bold statement with a quick, simple braid. Hemera Technologies / Getty Images


Viking Braid

If you think braids can't be manly, take a look at the masculine Viking braid. Another single braid, this look is anything but ordinary. While the traditional single plait begins at the base of the head, this twist begins at the forehead. Gathering all the hair together in a thick French braid and working it back, every bit of loose hair is woven together. When the back of the head is finished, the braid continues, hanging neatly at the center of your shoulder blades.

What makes this French braid so manly is the close undercut. Some men prefer to shave that portion completely, but if that's too severe for the office, leave a bit of hair for cover.

Tap into your inner Viking with this powerful look. AleksandarGeorgiev / Getty Images


Geometric Vertical Cornrows

Cornrows offer great versatility. In this style, the hair is braided vertically across the head instead of from forehead to neck. Between the straight rows, geometric designs are formed with the braids, for a dramatic look. Fun and artistic in its design, this hairstyle has endless possibilities. A trained professional can work a variety of designs across the scalp with this technique, giving you endless looks from a single technique. It will take the skill of a stylist, to create the perfectly formed designs that are made to impress.

With the right care, this style can last for several weeks. It will take a long time to complete, even with a professional in charge. But the dramatic results will be well worth it.

Corn rows with a large plate, a hairstyle for a young man, a frame, a teenager, long male hair braided in spikelets


Classic Cornrows

These are the cornrows we are used to, with their bold lines weaving to the back of the head with precision. As the braids leave the head, they hang down and are bound at the ends. If the hair is short, the braids will curl up slightly, keeping a very neat appearance.

This is not the toughest style to master, but it must be done exactly for the proper visual effect. The sections of hair must be equal to create braids of equal size. The spacing between braids has to be the same, as well, or the braided lines will look uneven.

It takes quite a while to cornrow hair, and the longer the hair is, the longer it will take. But once the look is achieved, it can last a long time.

Hit the clubs in classic style with traditional cornrows.

adamkaz / Getty Images


Multiple Braid Ponytail

If you love hair extensions but need a look that will be good for work, making a ponytail out of your head full of box braids may be perfect. You can carry a professional braided look without cutting off all your hair. Once you have your extensions added, just gather those braids into a high ponytail near the crown. This gives you an orderly look that keeps your hair out of your face all day long. And when you're ready to party, just lose the hair tie and let it all hang down.

The ponytail you can accomplish at home. The extensions, however, take a long time. They need a pro with experience to look good.


Colorful Braid Extensions

Keep your braids under control with this easy ponytail. Ranta Images / Getty Images

Whether you want long braids or short, they don't have to be boring. Wake up your style with a splash of color extensions for an unforgettable look, day or night.

A change in color automatically freshens up your stale look. Not just for women, these colorful accessories tell the world that you are a man who lives by your rules. Choose a natural-looking color or let your wild side take control with bold hues, like wine-red extensions.

Make the world stand up and take notice with brilliant color extensions. electravk / Getty Images


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