Age is just a number, so there is no reason for women to feel less beautiful because of it. Not everyone is lucky enough to age as gracefully as Halle Berry or Marisa Tomei, but turning 50 still means entering a new phase of beauty. Rather than trying to hold onto your old look, embrace a new one as a gorgeous, mature woman. Ask any artist, and they'll tell you that adapting to your canvas is part of creating a work of art. With new techniques and styles, you can look better than ever.

Prime Those Eyelids

As humans age, our skin becomes significantly thinner, especially around our eyes. This thinning can cause the skin to have uneven red, blue, and purple tones. The best way to get around this is to use an eye primer. Not only will this allow you to smooth out the color, but it also gives your eyeshadow some vibrancy with a more even spread.

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Start at the Center

When most people first learn how to apply makeup, they generally apply it in full coverage. However, as we age, it's more important to start at the center to ensure you never miss any signs of aging that you wish to cover. Begin with a creamy foundation around the nose, nasolabial folds, and cheeks. This area is prone to blemishes and is usually the most vascular. Blend outward from the center toward the ears, hair, and neck. A fluffy, flat brush is best for an even application.

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Get a Skincare Routine

Regardless of your age, one of the best things you can do to look your best is to invest in a good skincare routine. Healthy skin is happy skin. Taking care of yourself can save you a lot of money on makeup products. A good daily routine includes a cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen. Many face lotions contain a certain level of sun protection. With a smart purchase, you don't have to worry about those dangerous rays. Everybody's skin is different, so it may take some research and time to figure out what works for you.

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Face Primers

If you're a person with larger pores or a lot of fine lines, you don't have to stop at eye primer. There are many face primers, as well. With a thin layer of primer over moisturized skin, you can create a smoother appearance. The primer minimizes the number of visible lines and seamlessly covers your pores. Using one is the easiest way to shave years off your look.

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Skip the Face Powder

Women have used powders to touch up and tone their faces for as long as makeup has existed. Unfortunately, for most people over fifty, powder products may be some of the worst options. They tend to make skin look dry. Plus, many people grow fine hairs that the powder settles on and accentuates. If you do want to use powder, keep it simple with a little pressed powder to eliminate shine.

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Lose the Shimmer and Skip the Highlighter

Many people associate highlighters and similar products with youthfulness, but they're not ideal for everyone. It's extremely common to have textured skin with acne, scarring, or wrinkles. Highlighting cosmetics often make these features more prominent. To achieve a more youthful glow, try using an illuminator instead. Though it isn't ideal for people with more oil-prone skin, an illuminator can add some vibrancy to your whole face.

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Choose Natural Shades

If you have a specific aesthetic that you want to achieve, go for it! However, aging does change skin tones, which can make it difficult to keep using bright, vibrant colors. In general, natural shades are easier to match to your skin. They are also better at hiding the effects of aging. For those who like more varied colors, try using slightly muted or desaturated shades.

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Change Your Eye Makeup

If you're over 50, your eye shape probably isn't quite the same as it once was. With aging comes loose skin, which means that the area around the eyes changes significantly. Chances are that you've been using the same techniques that you always have without giving it a second thought. Take some time and reevaluate your eye makeup. Most people find that using natural and lighter eyeshadow helps their eyes pop and gives them a youthful glow.

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Line Your Lips

One of the biggest focal points on the face is the mouth. Unfortunately, it's also one of the areas that age affects the most. The lines and wrinkles around the mouth become more noticeable, and the lips become thinner. Thankfully, there's a simple solution. Use a lip liner to help define your lips and give them a slightly fuller look. Make sure to use a color similar to your lipstick and be careful not to overdo it. Subtlety is key.

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Accentuate Those Brows

As anyone who made it through them can attest, the ‘90s were a decade of trends. Among the most popular was the now-infamous craze of thin eyebrows. After years of waxing and tweezing, many people are now stuck with thin brows because those hairs tend to stop growing as we age. Now natural and full brows are back in style, so what is there to do? One of the best options is brow gel, which is like mascara for your eyebrows. Simply take the wand and brush up and out through your brows to give them a fuller appearance.

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A New Eyeliner Technique

When a person is younger, their eyelids are typically perkier. Applying eyeliner is as simple as dragging the pencil across your eyelid. But, as with most things, this technique changes over the years. Rather than a single line, apply your eyeliner with small dots. Smudge it with a pencil sponge to apply it across the rest of your eyelid.

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The Secret is Lip Gloss

Sometimes creating a new, fresh look is a simple matter. All it takes is a little bit of lip gloss. Not only does lip gloss help give your lips a hint of healthy shine, but it can also make them look fuller. Plus, many lip gloss brands include a moisturizing agent in their products. You can be sure that your lips will stay hydrated all day long. If you’re struggling to choose a color, try a creamy, nude hue.

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Make Your Eyes Pop

Your eyes are the windows to your soul and the focal points of your face, so it’s important to keep them looking their best. For bigger and brighter eyes, try lining your waterline with a nude shadow or liner. This is the visible section of your lower lid just before your lashes. By lining it, your eyes will pop and look more awake. You can also add a natural color to the inner corners for a bit of contrast. 

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