When you hit your 40s, you likely notice your hair start to change. At this point, you need to start making changes in your hair routine. Small but important changes taken early on can be immensely effective in mitigating the adverse effects that aging has on your hair. Nonetheless, there are still steps you can take later on to curb hair loss as you age.


Try a different shampoo

If your scalp starts to become dry or flaky, consider changing your shampoo. In addition to helping to deal with the dryness and flaking, using the right shampoo helps to control hair loss. Especially effective are shampoos that contain ketoconazole. You can get them by prescription or buy them over the counter. Even though the shampoo itself doesn't directly prevent hair loss, it plays an important role in hair loss treatment because it keeps your scalp in good condition. Additionally, cut down on your usage of shampoos with harsh detergents to avoid having an overly dry scalp and hair.

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Don't forget to use conditioner

Hair needs moisture to look good. As you become older, your scalp produces less natural oils. So, make sure you condition your hair after you shampoo. Occasionally, condition your hair even on the days that you haven't shampooed. Doing so keeps your hair healthy by augmenting the natural oils from your scalp. Use thick conditioner if you have thick hair and lighter conditioner for lighter hair.

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Keep your scalp healthy

Your scalp feeds your hair. So, to have amazing hair, you need to keep your scalp healthy. Use a scalp cleanser regularly as it removes dead cells and hair products that build up on your scalp. Doing so reduces scalp dryness and flaking and lets your hair find space to grow freely. Go for a shampoo that contains salicylic acid, which helps to remove dead skin cells. You can keep your scalp healthy by cleansing it every week or so.

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Use hair treatment regularly

In cases where aging is the only cause of hair changes, the slowing down of your hair's life cycle is the reason behind it's natural thinning. This happens when the shedding phase lengthens and the growth phase shortens. Consequently, hair follicles miniaturize and become increasingly thin. Thankfully, regular use of hair treatment can help to combat this. The treatment extends the growing phase of your hair, which is the result you're going for when your hair starts to become less and less dense and increasingly thin.

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Apply more oils if necessary

If you condition your hair regularly and your hair still dries out too quickly, consider using a deep conditioning mask. It restores the lost moisture and mitigates the declining production of natural oils from your scalp as you age. Alternatively, you can use coconut oil or argan oil every few weeks. Do however be careful not to overdo these oils because while they benefit your hair, excessive use can clog hair follicles and lead to breakouts.

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Embark on hair loss treatment

When you start to notice some worrying hair changes, such as thinning or balding, consider starting hair loss treatments such as finasteride or minoxidil. Dermatologists often prescribe these treatments, either by prescription or over the counter. The earlier you start, the better. That said, we strongly recommend that you talk to a physician before you start any medicative treatment because while effective, these treatments have some side effects. For example, finasteride may cause depression, impotence, or a diminished sex drive. The earlier you start the treatment, the less frequently you need to use the medication, meaning the less exposed you'll be to potential side effects.

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Use quality hair styling products

As your hair changes with age, so should the hair products you use. Replace your hair styling products with lighter and gentler ones that won't weigh down your hair with excessive oils on the one hand or strip your scalp of all its natural oils on the other. Give preference to products that give your hair a natural hold, and stay away from thick gels and pomades that exacerbate any natural hair thinning. Use quality mousse to give your hair look substantial while keeping it fluffy, soft, and pliable.

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Use specific treatment for grey hair

For most men, grey hairs start to emerge in their 30s. By the time these men hit 40, the full extent of the greying is already becoming evident. Greying hair occurs naturally as a result of the dwindling supply of certain minerals in the body. The extent of the greying will determine how you need to treat your hair. Grey hair is more prone to pollution and buildup of external minerals. Keep grey hair looking healthy with silver shampoo and a deep conditioning mask tailored for grey hair.

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Consider taking hair supplements

Serious health problems may cause extreme hair changes, such as rapid thinning or shedding. In such cases, consider eating more anti-inflammatory and antioxidant-rich foods. Additionally, consider using hair supplements. While they may not be a cure-all, these supplements are a good addition to your overall hair care regimen. After all, diet is among the various factors that you need to address when preventing hair loss or treating it.

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Embrace your natural hair texture

Like many people, you might be tempted to change the natural texture of your hair. We get it. At some point, most of us have tried to alter our hair texture using hair styling products, hot tools, and various types of brushes. There is nothing wrong with going for that dream look. Here's the good news: you can still have amazing hair without forcing your hair to become something it isn't. If you have naturally flat hair that lacks volume, use a volumizing shampoo, and apply mousse to the roots. For naturally wavy hair, nourish it with shampoo, conditioner and spritz some sea salt to give it some grit.

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